San Bernardino is the county seat of Bernardino County, California. It is part of a large metropolitan area called the Inland Empire located due east of Los Angeles. San Bernardino has approximately 215,000 residents, making it the 100th largest U.S. city and the 17th largest city in California. Inhabitants of this valley enjoy year-round pleasant weather with mild or even warm winters.

Early History

Prior to white settlement, the San Bernardino area was home to many native American tribes, including the Tongva Indians who called the area Wa’aach, meaning “The Valley of the Cupped Hand of God.” A Spanish mission chapel and supply station was established there in 1810, but was destroyed following a massive earthquake due to superstitions. It was rebuilt a few years later and by 1819 the missionaries returned. A healthy relationship between the missionaries and the Serrano and Cahuilla peoples remained long after most similarly colonized communities, and therefore the area was sparsely affected by further settlement until the 1850s annexation of California to the United States.

The Establishment of San Bernardino

After California became a state, San Bernardino County was incorporated from parts of Los Angeles County by Mormon colonists. The Mormons irrigated the area and established lumber and farming industries. The city itself was incorporated in 1857, and was almost completely abandoned later that year when the majority of the Mormon families returned to Utah during the Utah War. A real estate consortium purchased most of their land and turned around to sell it to new settlers coming out west, transforming it into a cookie-cutter American frontier town. Settlers poured into the town during the 1860s gold rushes and stayed there for the luscious natural springs around the geographically beautiful arrowhead-shaped natural rock formation.

San Bernardino Today

The city’s development has seen highs and lows over the decades. An air force base (now an airport) was built in the 1940s, right around the time San Bernardino residents Richard and Maurice McDonald established the first McDonald’s restaurant. Though it is now a well-established city, growth was impeded at different points by wildfires, earthquakes, and recessions. These days residents enjoy a historic downtown area, as well as a modern riverfront district featuring great restaurants and retailers. Tourists flock to the city each year for the annual Route 66 Rendezvous, a four-day celebration of America’s “Mother Road,” and many of them stay at the renowned Arrowhead Springs Hotel and Spa.

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