Fontana is a southern California city located in San Bernardino County and east of Los Angeles. The city has approximately 203,000 residents who enjoy the Mediterranean climate characterized by mild winters and hot summers.

Fontana’s History

The city was founded in 1913 by farmer Azariel Blanchard Miller. Miller and other farmers cultivated citrus orchards, vineyards and chicken ranches. The area remained sparsely populated and rural until World War II when one of the only two steel mills west of the Mississippi was built by Henry J. Kaiser. Kaiser then established a medical center for his employees, which has grown to be the national healthcare conglomerate Kaiser Permanente. Over the decades the city has become a hub for the trucking industry.

Fontana Today

The population of Fontana has exploded over the last two decades due to the development of massive residential neighborhoods in the north and the city’s aggressive annexation of several nearby established yet unincorporated towns. In 2008 the state-of-the-art Lewis Library and Technology Center was built and is the largest library in San Bernardino County. The library is located next door to the historic Center Stage Theater, which was built in 1937 and is an impressive monument of art deco style. Other points of interest include the Steelworkers’ Auditorium, the Art Depot, and the Auto Club Speedway, which hosts various major NASCAR events each year.

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