Rialto is a southern California city located in San Bernardino County, nestled between the cities of Fontana and San Bernardino. Rialto has approximately 100,000 residents who gladly experience pleasant weather most of the year, except for occasional snow storms in the northern part of the city due to its elevation and unique climate phenomenon that prevents tropospheric clouds from forming. What’s more, residents of the other parts of the city experience no snow at all!

Early History

Archeological artifacts tell us that what is now Rialto was once inhabited by native tribes as far back as 1500, yet no one is sure why these people left the area prior to the Spanish mission settlement period. Rialto land was purchased by the Lugo family in 1842, who sold part of their ranch to another family in 1851. The area became a growing town in the 1880s due to the building of the Santa Fe Railroad, which was intended to connect San Bernardino and Pasadena. In the same year, the Semitropic Land and Water Company formed in order to organize the establishment and sale of real estate, as well as water privileges and rights.

Rialto’s Development

The Rialto Chamber of Commerce was established in 1907 and officially incorporated in 1911. By that time Rialto had 1500 residents, 40 businesses, and one newspaper publication. In 1913 the historic Foothill Boulevard was repaired and became what is now the famous Route 66 Highway. The town’s population has steadily increased each decade; a testament to its reputation as a pleasant locale. Today, Rialto is known for its status as a major regional distribution center, where Toys “R” Us, Under Armour, and Target are located.

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