Ontario, California is located in San Bernardino County and is part of the area known as the Inland Empire. It lays about 35 miles east of Los Angeles and has approximately 165,000 residents. Ontario is home to the nation’s 15th busiest airport, Ontario International Airport. The city experiences a semi-arid climate characterized by warm winters and hot summers.

Early History

What is now Ontario was originally inhabited by various native American tribes, including the Tongva and Serrano peoples. During the 1800s the land passed through many hands with the ever changing borders of that time, but was eventually purchased by American brothers George and William Chaffey in 1881. Much to the benefit to and gratitude of other nearby ranchers, the brothers created a drainage and irrigation system and built a thoroughfare in the area. They went on to form a “Model Colony,” meaning it featured the perfect balance of a thriving agricultural industry with the modern comforts of established schools, churches, and retailers. The brothers named their dry city after their hometown of Ontario, Canada.

The Beauty of Modern Irrigation

Ontario attracted farmers seeking fertile land, as well as easterners looking for a more pleasant and forgiving climate. In order to appeal to would-be residents, the Chaffeys placed a functioning water fountain in view of the passing trains to show off their steady water source. Frugal by nature, the brothers rigged the fountain so it was tripped on by the trains and turned off after they passed by. This meager fountain was so beloved by the townspeople that they later replaced it with a more impressive art nouveau fountain called the “Frankish Feature,” which still stands outside the Ontario Museum of History and Art today.

Ontario Through the Years & Today

The city continued to grow at a fast yet steady rate following its official incorporation in 1891. It was colloquially referred to as the “Iowa Under Palm Trees” because the majority of its population in the 19th and early 20th centuries came from the Midwest. The population grew tenfold by 1960, and yet again by 2007. Today, Ontario is known for its sunny disposition, proximity to wineries, and tradition of wellness and health.

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