Most people don’t think too much about workers’ compensation until they suffer a work injury themselves. Because of this, many employers who abuse the system skate by for years without facing any repercussions for their violations. If you have been injured at work and are having trouble getting the benefits to which you are entitled, RP Law Group is here to help. We have built our reputation on our aggressive representation and positive results obtained for our valued clients.

What Do Ontario Workers’ Compensation Benefits Look Like?

When you sustain an injury in the workplace, you are supposed to receive appropriate financial compensation from your employer, whether your injury causes you to miss work or not. You are entitled to full reimbursement of medical expenses stemming from the injury or condition as well as partial wage compensation for the time you are unable to work. Most people receive approximately two-thirds of their regular weekly wages until they are able to return to their duties, although some great employers go above and beyond and give injured employees their full wages.

If your employer has failed to cover your medical costs or give you the minimum wage award, they are in violation of state and federal employment and labor laws.

RP Law Group & Ontario Work Injuries

RP Law Group is proud to serve the residents of Ontario with workers’ compensation legal counsel. Owner and attorney Raj Patel is a trusted and respected advocate of laborer’s rights in the area, known for his passionate commitment to defending California workers. If you have been injured at work and need help with your workers’ compensation claim, Raj Patel is the man for the job.

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