Fighting for the people

We’ll fight the insurance companies so you don’t have to.


Fighting for the people

We’ll fight the insurance companies so you don’t have to.


RP Law Group — a California Workers’ Comp Firm You Can Trust.

  • I really appreciate the Law Office of Raj Patel helping out my family in the time of need. I would have to say “he’s the BEST lawyer out there."

    LaTasha Moore
  • RP Law Group was the best, they help me when I was in real need, they understand cumilative injury,they are not afraid of insurance company and employers, they fought hard for me and I got everything I needed and desrve. I highly recommend you this firm thanks to Raj Patel.

    Joel Garcia
  • Cuando me comuniqué por primera vez con mi abogado el Señor Patel, yo estaba con mucho dolor. Estaba desesperada en buscar a alguien que me ayudará, alguien con quien yo pudiera confiar y lo encontré, esa persona era el señor Patel. Fue un proceso largo pero yo confié en cada decisión que tomaba el señor Patel sobre mi caso. Al final de mi caso, mi abogado me ayudó a recibir una gran recompensa. Sin alguna duda recomendaría a este abogado. Es agresivo, sabe lo que hace y pelea por sus clientes.

    Edina Ibarra
  • We found Raj Patel in the yellow pages went to meet him he put us very much at ease. Raj said he would help us, and be with us every step of the way. He would get Harold in to see Doctors. Harold went to the doctors. Raj was their even when we just need to vent. Raj Patel has always been there for us. When you need moral support because you feel your alone, don't forget Raj is there even if its just to listen. From the bottom of my heart support and recommend Raj Patel at RP Law Group.

    LaVonne Rivers
  • I was injured at work in December of 2015. The insurance company was waiting me out, providing minimal treatment and denying care. When I hired Raj and his staff, they took a very aggressive approach. They advocated for proper treatments and care. They helped me understand the web of legality with workmans comp cases and provided me with prompt, experienced feedback. With RP Law Groups help I was able to obtain a just settlement and knew I was well represented. 5 stars!!! Recommended for anyone with work related injury.

    Lindsay Rommel
  • Aggressive, experienced and honest! RP Law Group was able to help me navigate the very complex workmans comp system. Raj and Anreeka were great! Any questions or concerns were addressed promptly and diligently. Anreeka is truely a compassionate person and went above and beyond to be sure I was ok and being cared for properly. I received a very decent settlement and was able to focus on healing, knowing that RP Law was fighting for me. Would recommend, 5 stars!

    Lindsay Rommel
  • Diligent, honest and experienced.

  • Great Attorney!!... He helps his clients to minimize the stress that a client has to go through from work... The best part is that his always on your side to help if you have any questions or worries....Thanks!, Mr. Patel

    Tony M.

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Practice Areas

RP Law Group has been successfully defending workers’ compensation rights in Riverside and surrounding areas for many years. After working for insurance adjusters, attorney Raj Patel dedicated his talents to helping workers and employees who had suffered injustices at work.

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a compromise between employers and employees to ensure proper care and protection from one another.

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Employment Law

Discrimination, wrongful termination, and other bad behavior on the part of employers isn’t just unfair and upsetting — it’s illegal.

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You shouldn’t be penalized for speaking up against an injustice in the workplace. If you are, enlist help. Contact us to get the help you deserve.

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It’s illegal to treat employees differently because of race, religion, gender, and ethnicity, and your employer knows this.

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Wage & Hour

All workers, regardless of status, are entitled to rights and protections regarding their hours and pay.

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Wrongful Termination

Even in an at-will employment state, there are still protections in place to prevent unjust firing.

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