Experienced Riverside & Inland Empire Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Securing Compensation for Stress Claims

Did you know that high and continuous mental stress can cause permanent psychological damage? Did you further know that you might be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits if you suffer stress-related health issues as a result of your untenable work environment? RP Law Group has been representing California employees for nearly 20 years with legitimate stress claims.

What is a Stress Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Though they can be difficult to prove, psychiatric stress claims can result in compensation from your employer. To mount a successful argument, we must establish the following:

  • A physician diagnosed you with a mental condition that causes disability or the need for medical treatment
  • This company has employed you for at least six months
  • Your injuries were more likely than not caused by the work environment

A High Burden of Proof

Mental stress claims are scrutinized more closely than any other type of workers’ compensation claim. This is because these conditions often lack easily-visible symptoms and are primarily based on testimony from the employee.

To qualify for stress claim benefits, we must prove that your mental impairment was at least 51% caused by conditions at your place of employment. You will have to demonstrate that the majority of this damaging stress had little to do with your personal life, so you will need to prepare to share intimate details.

Why You Need a Qualified Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Because these kinds of workers’ compensation claims are hard to prove, you really must contact RP Law Group at the beginning of this process. We can help you avoid legal pitfalls and rigorously prepare for the case ahead. When the odds are in your employer’s favor as they almost always are in these cases, you cannot afford to attempt to collect compensation on your own. Let us help you.

RP Law Group helps employees who have suffered workplace psychiatric injuries collect compensation. If you need help proving that your stress claim is valid, contact our experienced Riverside and Inland Empire workers’ compensation attorney today at (951) 394-3640 to get help.