Accomplished Riverside & Inland Empire Workers’ Compensation Attorney for Knee Injury Claims

As one of our most-used joints, knee injuries can be difficult to recover from without proper rest and care. Failure to address a knee problem as soon as symptoms appear could worsen the damage and necessitate surgery. If you are suffering from work-related knee pain or a workplace accident, RP Law Group can help you file and defend a workers’ compensation claim and collect the compensation you need to move forward.

Common Knee Injuries

The majority of our clients who need help with a knee-related workers’ compensation claim work in positions that require extensive movement, such as kneeling and lifting, squatting, and crawling. For example, people who install flooring likely spend a great deal of time on their knees, which can lead to sprains, strains, tears, and other bodily damage.

Acute Injuries vs. Repetitive Stress Trauma (RST)

Knee injuries can occur in many circumstances. A fall or equipment failure often results in a sudden, debilitating knee tear or fracture. This is an acute injury that requires immediate medical attention and likely surgery.

Conversely, repetitive stress trauma (RST) is a degradation of the muscles or ligaments surrounding the knee that progressively worsens over time. These conditions are typically derived from chronic inflammation due to overexertion.

Getting Workers’ Compensation Benefits

As with all workplace injuries, you should seek medical care as soon as injury or pain presents itself. A physician’s diagnosis and documentation are necessary for filing a workers’ compensation claim. You also need to report the injury to your supervisor as quickly as you can so that they know to communicate with their insurance provider. We can help you state and defend your case if your employer stands as an obstacle in your way toward collecting the benefits to which you are entitled.

RP Law Group helps employees who suffer knee injuries as a result of their work duties. If you need help with your claim, contact our experienced Riverside and Inland Empire workers’ compensation lawyer today at (951) 394-3640 to get help with your workplace knee injury.