Practiced Riverside Whistleblower Attorney

WhistleblowerWhistleblowers are protected under California Labor Code Section 1102.5, and employees are encouraged to notify the appropriate agency if they have reason to believe that their employer is in violation of existing state or federal statutes or regulations. All employees, public and private, are protected. Unfortunately, employers have a tendency to retaliate against employees that bring these issues to light. Often this means simply terminating their employment. In other cases, however, an employer may try to make the workplace environment hostile enough that the employee feels compelled to quit. This hostility may take the form of engaging in sexual harassment or other discriminatory acts.

In the worst case scenario, an employer may file civil or criminal charges against the whistleblower. The best way for a whistleblower to protect their rights is to hire an attorney as soon as possible, preferably before they have discharged sensitive information.

Employers Cannot Fire You for Being a Whistleblower

California state law explicitly bans employers from making, adopting, or enforcing any rules, regulation, or policies in order to prevent employers from engaging in whistleblowing behavior. These protections extend to employees who are asked to break the law in the course of their employment. Finally, the law prevents an employer from retaliating against an individual who engaged in whistleblowing behavior while at a previous job. Your whistleblower attorney can your review your case and tell you exactly where you stand in the eyes of the law.

The nature of information disclosed by whistleblowers generally falls into one of three categories:

  • Reporting a violation of a state or federal law;
  • Reporting a violation of a state or federal rule or regulation; and/or
  • Reporting unsafe workplace condition or practices that compromise the health or safety of the employee and others.

Helping Whistleblowers Recover Compensation

Employers who wrongfully terminate or otherwise violate the rights of whistleblowers are responsible not only for reinstating their employment, but for missing wages and/or lost benefits as well. Whistleblowers will have to demonstrate that a termination or other act was directly linked to their disclosure of information rather than their work performance. A knowledgeable whistleblower lawyer can guide you through the steps of filing a claim and assist you in making sure you are doing everything possible to protect your rights.

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