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Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a serious and painful condition that affects the wrist and hand. Without proper rest and treatment, it can eventually necessitate surgery. Many medical experts believe that repetitive stress motions cause or exacerbate the syndrome, especially if you spend the majority of your day on these tasks.

Conflicting Data

Though there are many healthcare professionals that believe there is evidence shows a correlation between repeated motions and CTS, there is also a swath that refutes the connection. Since CTS can be caused by several actions — including playing racket sports, diabetes, pregnancy, or an acute injury — these workers’ compensation claims can be difficult to prove in favor of the employee.

Aggressively Document

If you feel you may be developing CTS or are experiencing pain, keep detailed records describing the pain, when it occurs, and what activities seem to cause it. You should then meet with a physician who can diagnose a problem and recommend a treatment plan that you can take back to your employer. If your boss disagrees with the diagnosis or refuses to adjust your duties to mitigate pain, it’s time to meet with a workers’ compensation attorney.

Get the Support You Need & Deserve

Because CTS claims can be tricky, RP Law Group highly recommends that you contact us to review the details of your situation before you file a claim. We can help you prepare to prove your case and provide you with formidable legal representation that may compel your employer to cooperate.

RP Law Group helps employees who suffer carpal tunnel as a result of their work duties. If you need help with your carpal tunnel claim, contact our dependable Riverside and Inland Empire workers’ compensation attorney today at (951) 394-3640 to get started on collecting compensation.