What Our Clients Think of RP Law Group

  • Since 2009 I have been dealing with a WC injury and me and my wife have dealt with the WC insurance/adjusters all by ourselves and what a headache it has been! Then through trial and error we were able to find RP Law Group who are helping us tremendously!They have made us feel #1 important and not alone and confident that we will be OK and that there are people who care! We look forward to helping me restore my health and my everyday life, financially get back on track and being able to enjoy our 5 kids as it feels it has been robbed. RP and his team have given us hope and light at the end of the tunnel which we look forward to the deposition and watching them in action! Thank you RP and team for all your help and support we definitely recommend them to anyone in need no matter how long or what stage in your case your in!

    Mario Cervantes
  • Raj Patel took very good care of me with my workman’s comp case. After experiencing the run around from my employer and every attempt on their part to not pay for my injury or treatment Mr. Patel was able to get me a good settlement and I feel he was very professional in handling my case. I highly recommend Mr. Patel to anyone that is needing help with a work place injury.

    Raymond Pedrick
  • The RP Law Group have helped me get through my WC injury tremendously. They have been extremely kind and patient with me and have eased my thoughts on if i will be compensated. I highly recommend RP law group to anyone in need of WC council. I have received nothing but positive support and I am very grateful that they are representing me in my case. Thank you Mr. Patel and the rest of the people at RP law group !

    Leon Miles
  • When I first met Mr. Patel I already had an attorney a bad cookie cutter attorney. I went to RP Law Group because of their expertise and professionalism they have in their law office it seemed to me that my other attorney i had before I contact Mr. Patel had too many things on his plate and he couldn’t handle my case in a timely and professional manner this is why I contacted Mr. Patel and let me tell you it’s been the best decision I’ve made so far regarding my case this man and his legal team made it easier for me and took a lot of stress and pressure off my shoulders. Mr. Petal reassured me that he will get me the Justice I deserve. I let Mr. Petal know what the insurance company was doing to me and how they wouldn’t pay my benefits they owned me. I was owed 5 months of back pay and my medical bills were also not taken care of. When Mr. Patel heard about this let me tell you he took care of it pretty fast well as fast as you can go when it comes down to workers comp he took this issue with extreme Caution as well as being aggressive and he ended up getting me the back pay that the insurance company was withholding. RP Law Group has been a blessing to me and my Family. they’ve been extremely professional and patient with me. They have address all my issues in a timely matter and have answers for me every time I call or go to there office. If they didn’t have an answer for me right there and then they were very good at calling me back with an answer within 24 hours. RP Law Group have been walking with me pretty much hand in hand step by step and guiding me through this long workman’s comp process my only regret is that I should have contacted time right away and not that other cookie cutter law office. Mr. Petal is a very dedicated attorney and the reason I say this is because it’s not often that you will see a law office open till 8 just to help you out or give out there personal phone number so you will be able to contact them in case you had any questions or concerns about what is going on your case. Because of the level of professionalism and the way they have been handing my case this is why if I know anyone that needs help in a legal matter like my own I would gladly refer them to RP Law Group because they do treat you like family not just another case.

    Jose G
  • Raj Patel has been such a blessing to me, representing me for my Workers Comp case. He and his staffs professionalism and expertise has helped me through this journey and I have Always felt that, “They had my back”. His response to any question has always been made in a timely manner, with extreme compassion and kindness. Raj and his staff took great care of me and helped me obtain my satisfactory settlement. I would highly recommend Raj for any legal service needed. Very happy with the journey and outcome.

    Ginnette C. – Mentone, CA
  • After many years of representing the BIG Insurance Companies, Raj Patel has switched sides to defend you and I. With his vast knowledge of how the other side works, Raj counters and goes on the offensive quickly. Raj is a fierce attorney that is now fighting for me. I have 100% confidence in what he does and what he is doing for my case. With Denise in the office I get quick responses to any questions I have. I would and have recommended Raj Patel to people I know.

    Thomas B. – Moreno Valley, CA
  • El Sr. Raj Patel a trabajado muy sercas con migo desde el primer dia. Su equipo de la officina siempre son amables y me consiguieron mis sitas la cuales ocupe sin mucha espera. Siempre estan dispuestos y disponibles para cualquier pregunta o preocupacion. Hace poco el Sr. Raj Patel pedio una audencia acelerada en la cual se resolvio a nuestro favor en un tiempo muy corto. El a echo tremendo trabajo representandome que lo seguiere recomendando.

    Ricardo D. – Adelanto, CA
  • Raj is a brilliant attorney who actually cares about his clients. He fought for what would benefit me. He continually assured me that I had nothing to worry about and though the insurance company did everything in their power to limit my benefits, Raj made sure i was treated for my injuries and managed to get me a settlement that greatly surpassed my expectations. I am glad he was my attorney if I had gone to another attorney I would have received 25% of what Raj fought to get me.

    Conrado T.
  • On May 5th, 2015, I met with Attorney Raj Patel for an employment issue. I was nervous having to meet with an attorney; however, Attorney Raj Patel made me feel very comfortable and he explained in detail what I am to expect. I was so impressed that he took the time to meet with me. Most attorneys would send an assistant to gather the information that is needed to file a claim, and won’t meet the client until a claim is accepted. I would recommend anyone that is in need of an attorney to see Attorney Raj Patel before speaking to any other attorney.

    Angela C.
  • Recomiendo altamente el Sr. Patel. Él me ayudó y se instaló mi caso rápidamente. Él fue muy honesto y luchó duro para mí. No sólo resolver mi caso, pero también de mi esposa! I highly recommend Mr. Patel. He helped me and settled my case quickly. He was very honest and fought hard for me. Not only did he settle my case but my wife’s as well!

    Rogelio E
  • I am a hard working man who was injured while working trying to provide for my family. The job I had was labor intensive, grueling and back breaking. One day, my back couldn’t take anymore and I was injured on the job. I was in terrible pain and kept getting the run around from every doctor. I couldn’t work and could barely day to day activities. I was eventually evicted from my home, lost my car, and was about to be homeless. I finally decided I needed a lawyer. I contacted Mr. Patel. When we met at the coffee shop I was desperate. He listened very well and told me he could help. His expertise and swift actions helped me to turn my case around and helped me to avoid getting taken advantage of and tossed to the streets. I highly recommend Raj Patel as an attorney. Excellent lawyer!

    Frederick S.
  • Thank you Attorney Patel for the hard work and dedication you and your staff have shown me while handling my Worker’s Comp case. I truly appreciate the passion and commitment you give in helping injured employees like myself. If there is one thing I can tell others is… Choose Attorney Patel, he is the attorney you need on your side! I am very glad I did!

    Izabella V.
  • I contacted Raj Patel when no one would take my case. He informed me that it was a difficult case but he would take it. The office staff was very courteous and professional when speaking to me. After all was said and done WE WON! I thank Raj very much for the hard work and time that it took. I would definitely recommend him to everyone. Thank you.

    Kim S.
  • An experienced lawyer in the worker’s comp./employment law field that will fight hard for your rights for as long as is needed. Mr. Raj Patel is fantastic. He is an experienced lawyer in the worker’s comp./employment law field that will fight hard for your rights for as long as is needed. If you have a workplace injury, don’t waste your time using a lawyer that doesn’t specialize in the WC/employment field. WC is such a specialized field, and there are so many dirty tricks and tactics that WC insurance carriers use as “standard practices” that lawyers not intimately experienced with the system in California will be lost (Mr. Patel IS intimately experienced) [in their standard practices Liberty Mutual utilizes tactics reminiscent of and worse than a mafia organization]. I have community college paralegal experience [courses taken] and because of this, I somehow thought that I could deal successfully with a worker’s compensation insurance carrier alone after I got hurt on the job for myself. THIS WAS A CRITICAL MISTAKE [and hugely burdensome to those around me]. Don’t be fooled into thinking that any/every Insurance Carrier will do what is legally and morally correct when you get hurt at work. I suffered for months trying to assert my rights fighting Liberty Mutual, alone, enduring delays of medical care, lies, frequent unwanted visitors to my front door [one person even tried to physically force their way into my home after being told to get lost through a locked door], psychological attacks [sending me “denied treatment” letters while at the same time sending an “approved treatment” letter to my doctor], and being treated in general like I was a discarded piece of trash. If you need a professional of a WC/Employment law lawyer that will stand with & for you against the overwhelming odds insurance carriers habitually stack against you, then choose Raj Patel to even the odds.

  • I have been a client of Mr. Patel’s for more than three years and he is wonderful. He has been very responsive to my requests and attentive. He is one of the best attorneys I have known in the Inland Empire. Mr. Patel is very compassionate when it comes to his clients. He is an awesome litigator and he does not give up! I am very pleased to have him on my side.

    Jessica Flores
  • Raj Patel is an attorney that i highly recommend to anyone that was wrongfully treated at work, and was not offered the proper treatment that every individual deserve. He makes sure you are well taken care of and he will make sure you have everything you need. He listens to you, understands you, and he will not give up until you win. He will make sure you are completely satisfied with his service, and outcome of the case. He is firm and direct on his demands against his opponent. On this day 2/2/16 he proved to me his capability, and knowledge towards those who can not fend for themselves. Over all he is a great attorney with a great sense of humor, and at the same time seriousness towards the case. His demeanor made me feel comfortable, and confident about my case. The outcome of my case was a great success. Not only do I recommend you Mr. Patel, but I encourage anyone who needs assistance in any legal matter. Not a 5 star, but a 1000 star attorney.

    Adrianna Carrillo
  • Going to court is like going to battle where no amount of preparation is going to be enough. Only Raj Patel’s experience and willingness to fight for you is going to insure success. I came to Raj completely lost and in pain. He and his assistant, Denise Johnson, took care of all the logistics and paperwork so I can focus on taking care of myself. She even reminded me of all upcoming events which I really appreciated. Raj was really tough on me but it was necessary to prepare me for the depositions and court days. Luckily, he was even tougher on the opposition. I almost felt bad for them! I’m normally a very independent person that likes to take care of everything myself but I can safely say, we wouldn’t have won without his determination to fight for my rights. He knows what he is doing and there is no way I could have done it without Raj and Denise. Thanks again!

    Leo Wu
  • My Family and I feel very blessed to have Raj Patel represent me for my Workers Comp case. I can be a stubborn person at times, yet Mr. Patel knew exactly how to work with me. He is not easily imitated and went above and beyond our expectations in terms of the settlement. His staff is very friendly and professional . Denise was a great support to me during my case and she was always easily accessible. I am very thankful for everything his has accomplished for me. He fought hard to make sure I got what I deserve and I highly recommend him as an attorney.

  • Great mentor and aggressive I am absolutely grateful to be working with RP Law group. They have helped me very much so. RP Law group helps with workers comp and are very aggressive and professional they attack insurance companies and got me the best justice that I deserved. They always kept in contact and returned calls.

  • My overall experience was good with the Patel Law Firm. My previous lawyer Martin Reiner took 2 years to do absolutely NOTHING . This lawyer met me the same day, we went over paperwork and discussed my case in 15 to 25 minutes and I had a contract . In two MONTHS or less we had a court date. On that day ,it was my big PAYDAY. I took their best offer, without talking to anybody from A.I.G.which took me through hell and back. Thank goodness for Patel law firm.

    Bill Coats
  • I really appreciate the Law Office of Raj Patel helping out my family in the time of need. I would have to say “he’s the BEST lawyer out there."

    LaTasha Moore
  • When I first begin looking for a workers compensation attorney I was scared. I didn’t know what to expect and how long the process would take. I did a lot of research and finally came across RP Law Group. My first interaction was a phone call with their staff. I explained my injuries and everything and was immediately put at ease by the secretary. Once I met with the attorney I was confident I made the right decision. Everything happened so quickly and painlessly that I can’t even believe it’s over so soon. I would recommend RP Law Group to handle your Work Comp claim. They are very good, quick and thorough. Thank you Raj!!

  • When I first contacted Raj he responded to my inquiry right away. The first thing he told me was to be honest with him so I was; he was very patient with me from day one. He always stayed in touch with me by email or phone even by text msg . He was extremely accessible to me and gave me expert advice in a timely manner. He is very calm and collected, and knew how to handle my fear and anxiety. He is very knowledgeable with labor laws and EDD guidelines and is not afraid to give you his honest opinion. When it was time for me deposition he told me what to expect so I wouldn’t feel nervous, I was so glad that I had a good attorney because he stood up to the company’s attorney and got me paid thanks Raj and to the whole team I highly recommend Raj he’s straight to the point and even seen me on a Saturday he’s very flexible with your schedule.

    Ana Morales
  • I would like to start with I owe my recovery to Mr. Raj Patel and his team at Patel Law Firm. I was in pain and suffering from depression and anxiety form work and didn’t know what to do. For many years I just lived with it and tried to get by. Mr. Patel had me on a road to recovery in less time than I ever thought would be possible. I currently working at getting back my old life that I had lost. For this I owe Mr. Raj Patel and him team everything, a change to live the life I loved so mush. To you Mr. Raj and your team I can only thanks you but I would love to give you so much more, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP! I truly do not know what I would have done without Mr. Patel’s expert help and I would tell anyone that is having work related problems to stop waiting for it to get better, call Patel Law Firm, they care and can help. I truly owe them my new chance at life. They took care of me from start to finish, a great job. CALL! Thank you so much

  • Very good, RP LAW GROUP went beyond the call of their duties, the attorney is smart and fight for you, and honest. workers comp is there expertise, they know all applicable labor and workers comp laws. I got all my total temp disability along with all necessary medical treatments. They fought hard the firm attorney went to many hearings to archive all the results that i desired. The staff always respectful, they always in communication with me and always returned all calls. The staff and attorney explained the entire process multiple times. Raj Patel got me what I deserved. I am real happy with this firm and if you ever get injured at work call them for justice. They also have open door policy, Raj even gave me his cell phone number so I was in constant contact with him. I highly recommend this firm and RP LAW GROUP. Best aversive and honest lawyers….

    Todd Chevis
  • I was severely injured in 2008. My prior workers comp attorney did a very poor job of responding to my communication, or explaining the status of my case. I later found out that not much was done on my case with my prior attorney. I was completely distressed because I was off work, with little to no income – paying out of pocket for all of my care, medication, procedures, etc. I was in a L O N G tunnel and I did not see light. Finally I spoke with a law group who Highly recommended Mr. Raj Patel. I now see why. Mr. Patel has moved my case forward in a few months and I see light at the end of the tunnel. Mr. Patel took less than a year and accomplished more than my prior attorney did in several years. Mr. Patel is very objective. I appreciate and respect his Honesty, and Work Ethic. Mr. Patel is assertive without being rude. The office staff is amazing too. They return calls, emails and they are on time. RP Law Group was an answer to prayer. They treated me like a person and not just another case.

    A Client
  • A few month back I was in search of a Lawyer who could assist me with a workers compensation case that had already exceeded the statute of limitation. I came across Raj Patel and his law firm. Thanks To Raj and his experienced team they found a way to still push the issues and get me the money I deserved. I highly recommend this Law Firm. My Yelp name is Bud V but my real name is Ronald V. This Law Firm gets 5 stars!!!!!

    Bud V.
  • I needed some help with my employer and unfair treatment and I wasn’t sure who to turn to or what steps to take or if I even had a case at all. I found RP Law on the web after doing various research to make sure I wasn’t going to waste my time. The first time I met with RP law group it was so simple and easy and Raj assured me that he would take care of me and get me what I deserved. The fact that he knew exactly what to do and take the stress off my hands reassured me I was with the right people! It made me feel good that they were willing to go to bat for me even when I didn’t think I had a case. When it came time to settle my case I was blown away at how quick and easy it was. Raj took care of me and had my back which made it literally painless and hassle free. I got a settlement I didn’t even think I could get and I didn’t have to do any of the leg work RP did it all! I would highly recommend him to anyone asking because it made my experience so easy and painless! I am more than a pleased client!

    Hayley W.
  • RP Law Group was the best, they help me when I was in real need, they understand cumilative injury,they are not afraid of insurance company and employers, they fought hard for me and I got everything I needed and desrve. I highly recommend you this firm thanks to Raj Patel.

    Joel Garcia
  • I had a chance to meet with Mr. Patel and was able to get everything explained. He took the time to explain it to where I was able to understand what was going on and going forward I’m hoping that there will no longer be anymore communication problems. If there are ever any problems, the best thing to do would be to make time to come in and meet with him that way he can explain things to you.

  • Cuando me comuniqué por primera vez con mi abogado el Señor Patel, yo estaba con mucho dolor. Estaba desesperada en buscar a alguien que me ayudará, alguien con quien yo pudiera confiar y lo encontré, esa persona era el señor Patel. Fue un proceso largo pero yo confié en cada decisión que tomaba el señor Patel sobre mi caso. Al final de mi caso, mi abogado me ayudó a recibir una gran recompensa. Sin alguna duda recomendaría a este abogado. Es agresivo, sabe lo que hace y pelea por sus clientes.

    Edina Ibarra
  • There was a point that I was no longer getting help from my former employer because they “no longer could keep me as an employee”. I was shocked because I was still willing to work for the company in a different department. When I met with Raj Patel and his office staff at RP Law Group I felt very confident that I was in the right place. Mr. Patel knew exactly what I was going through and assured me that he was going to get me what I deserve from my former employer, including a voucher to help me get an education in something that I can go back to work with. In the end we did win and he did a wonderful job. Thank you Mr. Patel.

    Cyndi N.
  • From my first phone contact to my deposition, this law firm has gone above and beyond. From arranging a meeting based on my schedule, to quick Doctor referral, to performing what seemed a miracle. A missing form seemed to make my case worthless. I don’t know what Raj said, but somehow I ended up with over $10,000. Easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and a complete professional. I would highly recommend RP Law Group to anyone.

    Morgan M.
  • I sought the representation of Raj Patel after not being satisfied with the treatment I was receiving through my workers compensation insurance company. From the beginning he and his team have tirelessly sought out doctors and medical treatment that has been second to none. With each persons injury being different and individual, and I have not been released back to work as of yet, i don’t have an end result as of today. Yet I do believe that my outcome has been and will be significantly better due to his diligent work on my case. You will not regret attaining the services of Mr. Raj Patel. If you have been injured at work, give him a call.

    Robert M., Tacoma, WA
  • RP Law Group helped me get my injury settlement after a lot of difficulties with my employer’s workers compensation insurance company. My claim was denied early on. With the help of Mr. Patel and his office, the matter was resolved and I received the settlement I needed due to my injuries. His professionalism and diligence toward my case was impressive and greatly appreciated. I would recommend him to anyone who needs assistance with an injury claim. He will fight for your rights. Thank you Mr. Patel!!!

    Lisa Ayala
  • I highly recommend the law office of Raj Patel. Mr Patel took over my case after I had been with two other attorneys, He was able to close my case with a fair settlement. If anyone reading my post is in the unfortunate situation of having sustained a work related injury and is looking for a good WC attorney please give Mr. Raj Patel a chance he will fight for you.

    Agustin Ortiz
  • Dear Mr. Raj Patel I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. It was quite a smooth process and I could never thought anyone would stay by my side during a time of need but you were very generous regarding it. It is really hard to make someone who doesn’t know you believe that you are telling the truth with work injuries, but you still put all your efforts in making sure i was highly satisfied. I am grateful to you that you took all the stress and restored everything out for me. And i walked with a fair decision . Your faith, knowledge and determination were something that solves my worries. Thank you. GOD BLESS!!!

    Laneshia Brown
  • Raj Patel assisted me with my workers compensation case, and I'm pleased with the outcome. I received a fair settlement, and I was kept informed of what was happening all along the way. I can recommend Raj to anyone in a similar situation.

    Former Client
  • he did an excellent job on my workers compensation case and was able to finished it very fast thank you Mr Raj Patel

    Former Client
  • I needed advice. A friend told me to contact Raj Patel Law Office and it really helped. They removed the stress, enabled me to be seen by physicians, and helped me get physical therapy. I am much better now. They are GREAT! I would recommend them 100%.

    John M.
  • Mr. Patel, and his law firm were extremely helpful, they guided me all the way through my case and got me more than i can think of. I highly recommend him.

    Esteban Velasquez
  • amazing work. love the way they respond quick to any questions.

    Kelsey Hendricks
  • I was referred to Mr. Patel by another lawyer who would not take my difficult case. When I first met Mr. Patel, he put me at ease, explained the process, and took my case. I am very grateful for the outcome and the hard work. I would highly recommend Mr. Patel.

    Javier Hernandez
  • Raj was great in helping with my workers comp case. He was knowledgeable, friendly, professional and helpful in assisting me with the dynamics of this case. He was able to obtain for me a nice settlement.

  • We found Raj Patel in the yellow pages went to meet him he put us very much at ease. Raj said he would help us, and be with us every step of the way. He would get Harold in to see Doctors. Harold went to the doctors. Raj was their even when we just need to vent. Raj Patel has always been there for us. When you need moral support because you feel your alone, don't forget Raj is there even if its just to listen. From the bottom of my heart support and recommend Raj Patel at RP Law Group.

    LaVonne Rivers
  • I was injured at work in December of 2015. The insurance company was waiting me out, providing minimal treatment and denying care. When I hired Raj and his staff, they took a very aggressive approach. They advocated for proper treatments and care. They helped me understand the web of legality with workmans comp cases and provided me with prompt, experienced feedback. With RP Law Groups help I was able to obtain a just settlement and knew I was well represented. 5 stars!!! Recommended for anyone with work related injury.

    Lindsay Rommel
  • Aggressive, experienced and honest! RP Law Group was able to help me navigate the very complex workmans comp system. Raj and Anreeka were great! Any questions or concerns were addressed promptly and diligently. Anreeka is truely a compassionate person and went above and beyond to be sure I was ok and being cared for properly. I received a very decent settlement and was able to focus on healing, knowing that RP Law was fighting for me. Would recommend, 5 stars!

    Lindsay Rommel
  • Diligent, honest and experienced.

  • Great Attorney!!... He helps his clients to minimize the stress that a client has to go through from work... The best part is that his always on your side to help if you have any questions or worries....Thanks!, Mr. Patel

    Tony M.
  • Recommended for anyone who needs a hard working lawyer. RPLAW GROUP will fight for you rights and listen to your needs. They're here for you as a person not as a number on a file. Thank you RPLAW GROUP

  • RP Law group is the best, period. The firm itself makes you feel very comfortable and very secure. The law group insures that you are always up to date on what is going on with your case. Lead Attorney Raj Patel is extremely intelligent, VERY knowledgable, strategic in his approach to twists and turns, prompt in his response and has a great down to earth kindness that eases the worried mind. He NEVER comes off as the stereotypical lawyer. He's a fighter and he's on your side. He has a great understanding of the law and explains everything in great detail so that you too understand. Raj gives you the one on one time for this understanding. He makes sure you are always kept in the loop and when he says he's going to do something, he does it. He insures that you get the medical treatment needed to fit your need. After going up against a major retail corporation Raj got me the best settlement available. I feel so lucky to have found him and I must let other people know about him. Mr.Patel is the best and there is no reason to look around, he is the one to get you the legal help you need! Thank you RP Law group you all are amazing in all that you do.

    Katrina Martinez
  • Stop here you found him! Raj Patel is the lawyer you are looking for! I was injured at work and needed a workers comp lawyer. I made a bad choice and chose another firm. In the 7 months I had nothing really done on my case, never could get a question answered, and could never actually speak to the lawyer. Then out of frustration I decided I had enough and called the RP Law Group. Raj Patel answered the phone! I told him a little about my case as well as the nightmare lawyer that I had. Mr Patel set an appointment to see me. I went in to see him and he made more progress on my case right in front than had been done in the 7 months. A lot of lawyers say they care as a cliche to sign up with them (which very few really do!) Raj Patel actually does! If you go anywhere else you're making the same mistake I did. Call the RP Law Group and get helped by professionals that care about you!

    Michael S.
  • After a work injury the insurance company wanted to settle with me. I wasn't sure about the process and decided to retain Mr Patel's representation. I'm very happy with my decision. He made sure I was given the best medical attention and a settlement that was 5 times what the original offer was. I would definitely recommend his firm.

    Cristofer M.
  • This is no lawyer...... It's FAMILY!!!! I'm currently in a VICIOUS fight with UPS over workers comp case. UPS keeps trying to stall to wait me out, to try and make me take a tiny some of money for ruining me life. My life became so ruined that I'm on ssdi. That only took 4 months to get, government don't like to give money away, so what does that tell you. Raj has been my "cane"!!! He gave me his personal cell to reach him day or night. I will update my review as the case progress. If in doubt give Raj a shout!!!

    Brian F.
  • I was referred to Mr. Raj Patel by a friend. I was very impressed when I first met him; and I immediately felt confident with his expertise. He is very knowledgeable about the law. And it is clear he is willing to fight for the rights of his clients, resulting in excellent settlements. (Ask me how I know). But he is also kind and will patiently answer any legal questions about the case when needed. His staff is wonderful. They are pleasant, conscientious, and helpful. You can tell they really care about the clients. And it is a pleasure to talk with them. I can tell you from experience your case will get the best of care when you entrust it to this professional and capable legal team. Thank you so much, Mr. Patel.

  • RP law group represented my case against big insurance co. They understood my case and Raj Patel directly worked with me, he explained all aspect of the case, he send me to the doctor, he went and fought my case at court and at deposition When I went to them I was tired from insurance co harassment, that explained all and help me, look no more go to RP LAW GROUP, THEY WILL TREAT YOU WITH RESPECT AND AGGRESSIVELY Represent YOU AND YOUR CASE They are tough and honest they will give you tough love, no Suger quoting, they focused only on my recovery physically and mentally and got me the best possible settlement Call Raj Patel at RP law group Look no further they are the best the entire team will treat you like family.......

    Romeo B.
  • RP Law Group has been outstanding with their hard work and guidance through my worker comp case. I didn't think at first I would need a lawyer, that I could handle my own case. Shortly after I realized how complicated workman's comp process really is. I called Raj Patel and they put me through immediately to speak to him and I told him my situation. He had me come down to his office that afternoon andHe and a team of RJ Law staff members spent several hours with me going over all the different laws that help protect me. The RP Law Group staff got me great doctors for my care. They helped guide me through the process of communicating with my employer and at the end Raj Patel worked very hard negotiating a great settlement.

    Holly W.
  • Mr. Patel walked me through all proceedings carefully. I was leery of this process but Mr. Patel never left me wondering. His experience and tenacity brought a surprisingly fair settlement. I highly recommend his service to anyone who is being unfairly treated by their employer.

    Debbie H.
  • I got hurt on the job and I wasn't sure who I should run too for advice. After calling a couple of different law offices and my gut telling me they weren't the ones for me I found Mr. Raj Patel through a reccomendation of another attorney who couldn't take my case. I did my research first and saw all of the positive feedback he got from his previous cases, I was sure he was the attorney for me. When I first met him I was nervous not knowing what to expect and I doubted what i was doing was the correct thing he reassured me I was in the right. He is a very stern kinda guy and he is very tough at times, but he was always looking out for my best interest. The number one thing I loved about choosing him as my attorner was he got things done! After handling my case for 7 months he got me the outcome I wanted and settled my case for me. I would defintely recommend him to anyone who is lost and looking for someone to help them out with their work injury case. Mr. Raj Patel always comes out on top and sticks to his word. I am so glad I found him and listened to my gut. I went to him with my case scared and not knowing what I should do and he reassured me he would help me and thats exactly what he did. Thank you Mr. Patel!

    Former Client
  • This office is a great office to represent your case. From the time I called up until my settlement, they stayed in contact with me and kept me informed with everything regarding my case. They fought hard and diligently for me. I am forever thankful for their time and their effort they put into my case. I recommend this office to anyone who is looking to be represented by a excellent group of attorney's. I want to personally thank Anreeka and Raj (Head Attorney) for doing their best with my case.

    Sammy S.

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